The principals and partners of Hampshire Capital have over 50 years of collective experience in the acquisition, renovation, and operation of multifamily apartment, commercial properties & land development.

Hampshire Capital was founded to leverage the combined experience of its principals to identify and purchase
underperforming properties in growth sunbelt markets of the southern United States. All acquisitions have some value-added aspect which through capital investment and/or optimizing operations provide a compelling risk-adjusted return to our investors.

We are as focused on generating a return on capital as we are preserving the investor's initial investment (return of capital).

Our investment thesis also centers around improving the quality of life for our residents at the property level through social initiatives, hands-on management, and active resident engagement. We believe community transformation starts at the individual level.

We strive to provide safe, clean, and stable housing to enhance the resident experience, which in turn lifts the broader community.

Our Mission

Hampshire Capital is a modern real estate firm that leverages data and technology to make informed investment decisions and manage risk. We combine an analytical and creative approach to unlock value in the assets we acquire with the goal of yielding uncommon returns for our investors while managing risk.

Our team is obsessed with execution and delivering results.

Our relationships with our investors and residents are based on trust, care, and a deep sense of responsibility.
We make a meaningful difference and impact in our communities and our residents’ lives.

We believe that by building a sense of community at each property we will both enhance the lives of our residents and create better returns for our investor partners.

ESG Philosophy

Hampshire Capital's investment and operating principles are rooted in an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Philosophy.

We believe that quality and safe housing is fundamental to the social experience and the foundation from which a higher quality of life can be experienced.

We strive to provide this level of experience to our residents through both the physical aspects of the properties and social engagement.

We seek ways to lessen the environmental footprint of our properties through targeted renovation plans that improve energy and water conservation.

We govern our company under a set of Guiding Principles that encompass the spirit of ESG while producing compelling risk-adjusted returns for our investors and partners.

Core Values & Guiding Principles


We are authentic and honest.
We do what we say we are going to do and keep to our promises and commitments.

Operational Excellence

We pride ourselves on continuous improvement, learning from our mistakes, asking better questions, and delivering results to our investors and residents.

Open Communication

We communicate openly, share the facts, and our opinions and actively listen to our partners and stakeholders.


We provide our residents with high-quality and safe housing options and attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

Decision Making

We have clear priorities and vision in our organization.
We empower our team to make decisions and take necessary actions.
We make objective fact-based decisions when faced with adversity.


We take proactive steps to solve problems and strive to find win-win solutions for all parties.
We take calculated risks, think creatively, and act decisively.

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